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HLBM 42: Notes on the D-String – D-Lite

I keep on not making time to practice, because of how things are with work and because of my contingency project. I was thinking about that exercise in the HLBM that’s been giving me problems though. Its exercise 42: D-Lite. My initial problem was that the chords didn’t match the notes in the notation. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t an error. I asked the folks on Talkbass about it, and they confirmed that the notation reflects notes from the chord, but not necessarily the root.

Here’s the thread from Talkbass, which present their insight better than I probably can:

drumsnbass commented that the note names screwed with his head as well, and he just skipped the exercise at that time. Its exactly the problem I have. Its like that cognitive exercise where the name of a color is spelled out in another color, like using red ink and spelling “blue” and then asking the person to either read the color or read the text. I can’t remember which way it works, but seeing a color and reading a different color’s name crosses wires for a lot of people. That’s what this exercise is doing to me.

So, anyway. I know how to fix it for now… since I’m primarily using the HLBM to learn to read, I edited an image of the exercise and removed the chord names. So, its just notation now. I should have thought of that before, since I did it to another exercise when the fingering suggestions were giving me trouble.

Here it is, for anyone else going through the book who’s going cross-eyed trying to complete it. Also, remember that this is the 1st exercise to introduce 1st and 2nd endings:

HLBM Exercise 42: D-LITE, with no chord notation

HLBM Exercise 42: D-LITE, with no chord notation


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