A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

HLBM 38: Notes on the D-String – Minor League

Got in a little practice tonight. Of course its after 2 AM, so look at when it happened. Anyway, I ran the first 2 exercises in Notes on the D-String from the HLBM. I can do them pretty well now, physically. I’m still thinking in terms of E-F-G on the second exercise, instead of D-E-F. Since this is happening only a page after those blues exercises, I can only assume I need some single-malt Irish whiskey to help me focus… luckily, the weekend is upon us. Unluckily, I don’t really get weekends, as I work six days a week, so I guess I’ll just have to practice and try and sleep sometime in the next day or two so I can regain a little focus.

With those under my belt, I ran exercise 40 (Private Eye) solo a few times and then with the backing track. I have it down too. I noticed that the last two “song” exercises got under my fingers pretty quickly. I’m sure these are the confidence builders and Ed Friedland is waiting at his hideout in Austin, rubbing his hands together in glee at the thought of me suddenly hitting a wall in the next few pages. Of course, he seems to take more glee in us climbing those walls with some effort, so there’s that too.

After Private Eye, I ran exercise 41 for the 1st time. Its called Minor League. This one uses the A & D strings (which is funny to me because I buy A&D cream to keep the baby’s butt moist and sore-free) and includes chords above each bar, so someone can play along. It also makes use of minor chords, hence the name. The exercise isn’t hard, but I’m screwing up a little on the 6th bar because of that EFG vs DEF thing. I also didn’t really care for this backing track either. Maybe I can have my guitarist friend cook something up with the chords Ed provided when I sit with him. It’ll be a brief creativity test, I think.

Ok. I’m going to run off and see if I can pass out. If I don’t, I’ll probably end back up here.


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