A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Strange Bass Gallery 1

The internet is full of pics of weird-looking, or as some would say, exotic, basses. Back in 2011, I made a page called Strange Bass Gallery in which I planned to display the ones I came across. There’s a lot of creativity in bass design, although some are really from outer space.

I wanted to have a separate section on the blog with its own posts with these funny-looking roosters, but WordPress doesn’t seem to allow more than a single “set” of blog posts. So, I made a single page and tried to consolidate everything on it.

Its a pain in the butt to update that page with pictures in an orderly fashion, and there are still a lot of unusual basses out there. So, I’ve decided that after 4 years, I’ll start adding in pics of these unique creations again, on the main blog, and just provide links to the posts on the original page – like an index.

Here are some that I found this week:


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