A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown


Sungazer is one of Adam Neely‘s musical projects. Its basically him on bass with drummer Shawn Crowder and the both of them toying with machines. Its an electronic project, and they call the genre electroprog. Whatever it is, I like the sound of it, but there’s something else. These 3 videos, in particular are really fun to me because before they get into the music, Adam walks us through some of the theory, history and thought behind them, which tickles my brain just right.

I’m a fan of Adam’s bass playing – and the sense/nonsense he lets spill out of his head. Shawn seems like a good fit to play with him. What’s interesting to me is that Shawn apparently improvises drum parts, sends them to Adam, who creates basslines for them, and then the two mutz around with machines (and sometimes other living people) for the rest. Its a cool way to write.

Enjoy these, from his “Excuse me kind sir, but what the devil is it that you are doing here exactly?” series:

1. Lesson! Sequence Start and Quintuplet Swing

2. Avoiding the 5/4 Clave (Sungazer’s Ether)

3. Drunk Septuplet Dubstep! (Sungazer’s Dream of Mahjong)


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