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HLBM 18: Notes on the A-String

This was part of my River Roadhouse post, but now that I think of it, its really 2 separate things that shouldn’t concern each other, so I cut the post in 1/2. This one is just the part with tonight’s practice from the Hal Leonard Bass Method. The show at River Roadhouse is separate.

Anyway. Enough recap. Its late again. Its after 2:30 in the morning. I’m not heading into the office today, because one of our main programmers has to fly back in from China, but we’re still having a conference call. When we got in, I practiced a bit. I worked on the A-string exercises, which included the open A, the B and C. I didn’t have any problems with exercises 24 – 28.

Snippet from Notes on the A String (pg. 19)

Snippet from Notes on the A String (pg. 19)

Then, I moved on to 29. Its the one I mentioned on Friday night that includes notes on both the E and A string, and calls for us to use the rake technique when moving from the A string down to the E. Well, I did it, and for the most part, I got it right. If I use the 1-2-4 fingering suggested by the book, I make mistakes. Its mostly when shifting from 1st to 2nd position because on the E string, we play in 1st position so that the index finger is on the F. On the A string, we play in 2nd position, so the index finger is on the B. If I look at my fingers, I’m fine and can play without any problems. I actually memorized the exercise pretty quickly, because its a simply pattern. However, if I don’t look at my fingers and instead read the notation, I mess up the shift about 50% of the time. I end up in the middle of the B instead of behind the fret and get a lot of fret buzz.

As a test, I tried it using one-finger-per-fret, which allowed me to remain in 1st position for the entire exercise. I executed it flawlessly. However, I think that one of the reasons we’re supposed to practice this using 1-2-4 technique is to force ourselves to shift without looking, which I clearly can’t do properly. So, I’m going to drill that until I have it right. Baby steps.

Also, I got a “correctable ticket” on the way home from the show. My front-right headlight is out. Someone at the venue pointed it out to me when we were headed home. I checked, and she was right. Five minutes after that, a police officer reconfirmed it with a ticket, and the unexpected bonus news that my inspection had expired last month. I’m going to try and get that remedied today. If I can do that and bring the receipts to court within 48 hours, I can have the infractions dismissed.

Go, Team Venture!

[edit 11.15.15] Here’s a recording of the Notes on the A-String exercises:


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