A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Star Meets Sea


Star Meets Sea is an unsigned goth band from Seattle. I just discovered them the other night when their bassist commented on a thread I was reading on the Talkbass forums. I was writing a little message to give a pep-talk to the person who started the thread – a 38-year old who wasn’t making progress and was thinking about giving up because he might be too old to learn to play bass. Well, it definitely ain’t so. I’m in his age group and I’m going at it, but more important to this post – catcauphonic, apparently better-known as Louis Mancini, is at it as well. Louis is in his mid 40’s and only picked up bass – his 1st instrument – a few years ago in his early 40’s. His sound is great, which is why I wanted to share it.

You can read the original thread, cat’s reply, and even mine, from these links. Its all the same thread, if you want to just skim through everyone’s stuff:

Listen to Star Meets Sea here, from their Bandcamp page:

I like their sound, and catcauphonic’s lines in it. I mentioned in the Talkbass thread that it reminds me of stuff from Cleopatra Records, pretty much a gothic/punk/industrial haven label from the mid-90’s and early 2000’s. They’ve apparently grown to encompass more styles since then. I actually thought they weren’t around anymore.

Anyway, give them a listen. Its a very clean sound, and they mesh well together. Louis apparently used the same 2 books I always recommend to get to where he is, and in a pretty short amount of time: the Hal Leonard Bass Method, and Bass Guitar for Dummies.  I think he probably knows a fair amount of music theory now. 😉


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