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HLBM 10: Notes on the E-String – Kinda Folky

Ok. Now its 3 AM. I still didn’t sleep. I read through a bunch of stuff on Talkbass, but I didn’t get sleepy, so I tried out Exercise 17 in the Hal Leonard Bass Method and was able to do it without any trouble, just like the last one. This one is another 8-bar piece called Kinda Folky. Again, we have to read ahead a little so that when the first line ends, we can jump to the 2nd one, but its not complex, so it didn’t present a problem.

I’m sure these first two are confidence-builders though. Ed will get me when I turn the page in the morning and begin the “More Notes on the E String” lesson.

Again, playing it with the CD track was actually easier than just reading the notation. I did it with just the notation a few times, to familiarize myself with it, and then when I played the track, it was really straightforward. It might have even been easier than the previous one, Little Rock.

I’m going to head upstairs now and see if I can pass out. I don’t think its going to happen though, in which case I’ll read more HLBM threads on Talkbass.

Here’s how I did the first time I tried this, back in 2011:

Here are the other posts about my progress through the book/method:

[edit 11.15.15] Here’s a recording of the Notes on the E-String exercises:

[edit 01.27.17] I’ve been recording video playthroughs of exercises from the book. Here’s exercise 17:

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 17 “Kinda Folky” @ 80bpm


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