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HLBM 07: Notes on the E-String

I missed a day of blogging for the first time in more than 2 months yesterday. Allergies knocked me around really bad. I don’t usually get them, so it came as a surprise. What’s worse though, is that I didn’t really practice for 3 days, because I had no energy. I watched a lot of bass-related vids though, like the Anthony Wellington masterclass and the video from Mark Smith about a bunch of theory elements. I grabbed wifey & her co-worker from when she was at the Met earlier as well. They had fun in New Orleans. Apparently, their presentation at the PCA-ACA thing went over really well. They’re thinking about going to the next one in Seattle and presenting on something else.

Anyway. I got to practice a little bit earlier. I did exercises 10-15 in the Hal Leonard Bass Method. Its the notes on the E-string lesson, and I think that I finally have it, after not doing anything for 3 days. Exercise 15 was giving me some difficulties before, but I finally was able to do it correctly several times. I’ll do it again in the morning – I don’t have to go to work this Easter Sunday! So, hopefully, I’ll make some more progress and then move onto the next two exercises, which are like little song snippets.

I know this won’t seem like much to people who can already read, but here’s the exercise that took me a few days to be able to play consistently, with no errors. This is all part of the first lesson, no less. So, I’m sure the rest of the book is going to beat me up a bit too.

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 15)

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 15)

Also, I looked through some of the songbook companions to the Method – Easy Pop Bass Lines, and the other two. They’re all arranged in order of least-complex to most-complex. Even the initial ones require more than one string to maintain a position, like having notes that range from a low E to a C, so I think I’m going to have to finish the initial lessons for at least the first 2 strings before I attempt any of the songs in the books – and on top of that, there are music symbols that I don’t recognize, so I’ll have to learn those as well.

Rawr. Onward and upward.

[edit 11.15.15] Here’s a recording of the Notes on the E-String exercises:

[edit 01.27.17] I’ve been recording video playthroughs of exercises from the book. Here’s exercise 15:

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 15 @ 80bpm


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