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HLBM 06: Notes on the E-String

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 15)

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 15)

Its 3:00 in the AM. Wifey’s in the Big Easy. Baby is sleeping, and I managed to get in some bass time. I ran through that minor scale exercise along the Cycle of Fourths for a bit. The lower frets are giving me some trouble in my old age. After that, I took a few mins to let my fingers cool down and then I worked out of the Hal Leonard Bass Method.

I ran through all of the initial exercises and had no problem. That was the warm-up for my head, as earlier I’d gotten my hands working. It reminds me that I’m learning to read. Then, I got on to where I had to work. I’m still on the E string, working on the first 3 frets with E, F and G.

Exercise 13 went by smoothly. No problems there. 14 took me a few tries to get though. Skipping notes, from E to G, made me fumble at first, but I’m getting it now. I played it through a bunch of times without any problems, although initially, it was tripping me up.

15 is kind of a doozy at the moment. Its probably partially on account of the hour though. Its the first one to not begin on E, which I think I mentioned in a previous post. It also eliminates the count at the bottom, so that makes it a little bit harder, as I have to keep time in my head, try to say the notes out loud and play. For tonight, no dice. I’ll try again when I break a little during work in the morning.

[edit 11.15.15] Here’s a recording of the Notes on the E-String exercises:

[edit 01.27.17] I’ve been recording video playthroughs of exercises from the book. Here’s exercise 14:

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 14 @ 80bpm

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