A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Karyn Crisis/Gospel of the Witches

GotWIts been a long day. Usually, I work on Sundays, but this weekend, I switched it to Saturday so that tonight, wifey and I can head over to St. Vitus in Brooklyn to see Gospel of the Witches, Karyn Crisis‘ new band. She did a write-up of the debut CD for Metal Riot, and they asked her to review the show, since they know we’re going to be attending tonight. She’s off to New Orleans after that, for the PCA conference. She and a co-worker, from when she was a librarian at the Metropolitan Museum, are presenting a session about developing a graphic novel collection – something she started at the Met before leaving for Columbia – to other librarians down there. Its gonna be a fun week being a single dad with the baby… thank goodness for grandparents.

Anyway, I’m excited to see Ross Dolan, the bassist/vocalist from Immolation tonight. He’s on backing vocals and bass with GotW. Immolation is from our hometown of Yonkers, NY, so its also cool to support “local” musicians, although, Immolation is a pretty established act in death metal.

Here’s something I wrote about Gospel of the Witches, when wifey reviewed them:


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