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HLBM 05: Notes on the E-String

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 15)

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 15)

The next set of exercises on the E string in the Hal Leonard Bass Method are a bit harder than those first 3.

Exercise 13 wasn’t so bad. We’re asked to say the note names, instead of counting the beat. This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, although I did maintain a count when we moved into half-notes and a whole note.

Exercise 14 got a bit harder. After writing my previous post, I realized that 10-12 had us play consecutive notes. It was all E-F, F-G or the reverse. This one begins skipping notes. Its still E, F and G, but now we get into moving from E to G. The hard part was the end. After playing with E’s moving to G’s, we bring back F’s and move down instead of up, like the 1st half of the exercise. It tripped me up a bunch of times.

Exercise 15 is the first to not start on E. It starts on F. It also eliminated the count at the bottom. I thought this would be hard to work with, but it wasn’t the tricky part. The tricky part was the end, just like the #14. Here, we start moving from G down to E and it stalled me a few times.

I have to practice those last two more, but I’m getting it. When playing consecutive/adjacent notes, things seem fine, but when skipping notes, it gets tricky. I’m used to doing that when I practice chords, but reading it and then hitting the right notes is different somehow.

Its also different from reading tablature because with tab, I’ve generally looked at notes for song phrases or scale/chord fingerings. With this, I’m reading notes that include note durations and trying to play as I read, instead of like tab where I generally broke up what I looked at into small parts and practiced them and chained them together. I suspect that once I’m a better reader, it will get more like that though.

[edit 11.15.15] Here’s a recording of the Notes on the E-String exercises:

[edit 01.27.17] I’ve been recording video playthroughs of exercises from the book. Here’s exercise 13:

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 13 @ 80bpm


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