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HLBM 04: Notes on the E-String

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 14)

Snippet from Notes on the E String (pg. 14)

I worked on the first 3 exercises for Notes on the E-String in the Hal Leonard Bass Method earlier. Overall, they weren’t too bad, once I actually woke up. This first lesson with actual fretting on a string introduces the open E, F on the 1st fret and G on the 3rd fret. It all takes place in 1st position, which means that the index finger of the fretting hand is on the 1st fret of the bass (and in this case, only on the E string as well – no string switching at this stage).

Exercise 10 was simple – just whole notes in the string E-F-G-F-E. Its good to start though, because it lets us see how each note looks in standard notation. Having the E all by itself, below the actual ledger lines, with a line drawn through it, makes it easy to use as a reference point for other notes.

Exercise 11 was all half-notes, except for the last one which is a whole note. This also seemed like a logical choice, as it now gets us both counting and moving to different notes on a single string without being overwhelming. I had to run through this one a bunch of times, counting out loud, so that I got the time right. I found that without the actual activity of counting, I’d rush and just play the notes with no regard for note duration.

Exercise 12 was all quarter notes. This was actually the easiest one to play, because there was no real count involved. As I saw a note, I played it. So, this one focused more on the notes and less on the note durations. It ended with a half-note, and at that point, since its the last note being played and gets 2 beats (being a half-note and all) it also let me count and mute the note after it rang for 2 beats.

In all, it was a good lesson for a beginner. It used only 3 notes, in one position and slowly ramped up.

[edit] Here’s a post from when I first tried this with the HLBM in 2011.

And here’s the link to the other posts about the book/method:

[edit 11.15.15] Here’s a recording of the Notes on the E-String exercises:

[edit 01.27.17] I’ve been recording video playthroughs of exercises from the book. Here are exercises 10-12:

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 10 @ 80bpm

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 11 @ 80bpm

Hal Leonard Bass Method ex. 12 @ 80bpm


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