A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Music’s Forgotten Instrument: Don’t Drop It

Here’s a fun article that shows some videos from Billy Sheehan, Steve Harris and Geddy Lee. The author, Andrew Hutz, selected them as some of the most exciting and skilled bassists that he’s listened to. I agree with his picks, although, there are a bunch of others I’d add, from various extreme metal bands, jazz acts and new wave bands.

The Ultimate Sound

Some instruments get all the love.  Who doesn’t want to be like the charismatic singer, or the mysterious lead guitarist?  Even the drummers get respect after everyone gets the drum jokes out of the way.  Piano has its place as well.  But aren’t we forgetting something?

Yes we are!  We’ve forgotten the noble bass guitar!

Unfortunately, the bass guitar can sometimes be hard for young musicians to get into, especially as a primary instrument.  Because bass is often ignored by the mainstream music media, great bass players get overshadowed by their six-string playing band mates.  Beyond that, there is more early gratification from playing piano or guitar.  The best part of playing bass guitar is playing it with other musicians (this is true of most instruments, but especially of bass).  But the bass is actually badass, as this article will no doubt prove!

Bass guitar is essential to rock, blues…

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