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Coursera – DYM Lesson 4 videos (6)

The 6th video for Lesson 4 of Coursera’s online Developing Your Musicianship class reviews 7th chords, a blues progression and then goes over this week’s homework assignment.

6. Lesson Review and Assignment Overview (3:39)

Professor Russell begins the video by asking what we covered today. He answers it by saying that we covered C major 7 (C, E, G, B) and playing it on the piano while the onscreen music staff illustrates what’s being played. He then does the same for F major 7 (F, A, C, E) and reminds us that the major 7th chords are just major triads with a 7 on top.

He continues by reminding us that we also learned what a G dominant 7th chord is (G, B, D, Fb). While doing this, he asks what a dominant 7th chord is and answers by showing us that its a major triad with a flatted 7th on top. He shows this in C as well, as [C, E, G, Bb].

He tells us that we should practice playing major 7th chords and then dominant 7th chords, alternating between C and F chords and giving each 4 beats. So, play CMaj7 for 4 beats, FMaj7 for 4 beats and then repeat a few times. Then, do the same for the dominants – C7 for 4 beats, F7 for 4 beats and repeat until we have it down.

Then, he gets into something more interesting. He says, “Now, another way to practice a dominant 7th chord is actually play a blues.” He shows us a blues in the key of C, onscreen and tells us that its made up of all dominant chords.

Blues in C

Blues in C

He plays the blues progression and explains that we have C7 for 4 bars, then F7 for 2 bars, back to C7 for 2 bars, then G7, F7, C7. He then continues explaining that this progression uses the 1 chord, 4 chord and 5 chord.

Finally, he says that he’s like for us to identify a pre-existing blues. We can look online or check our own music collections. He doesn’t say that we need to submit it or anything, so it looks like we just need to be able to identify one outside of class.


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