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Coursera – DYM Lesson 4 videos (5)

The 5th video for Lesson 4 of Coursera’s online Developing Your Musicianship class is ear training for 7th chords. Its really brief and right to the point, so this write-up will follow suit.

5. 7th Chords Practice (3:04)

Professor Russell begins the practice video by recapping that we know what major 7th chords are and what dominant 7th chords are. He then explains that he’s going to play a series of 7th chords. They’re either going to be major 7ths or dominant 7ths. We’re going to listen to them and see if we can figure out what kind of chord is being played. He reminds us that the major chord has a “nice, very happy kind of sound,” and the dominant 7th has “a little edge to it, little tension.” The tension is created by two notes – the 3rd and the 7th (remember that the 7th is flatted).

He then plays seven 7th chords, playing each twice and giving some time for each one to settle into our ears. The video doesn’t answer what any of the chords are, but the online version has a quiz built into it, which lets students select between major or dominant answers for each chord played.


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