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Coursera – DYM Lesson 4 videos (2)

The 2nd video for Lesson 4 of Coursera’s online Developing Your Musicianship class is a review of Lesson 3.

2. Review (3:12)

Professor Russell opens this video with a blues tune on piano that lasts for about 1:45. About a minute in, he begins speaking to the class while continuing to play. He explains that he’s playing a blues progression and using the minor pentatonic scale to improvise a little. He says that we’re going to talk about the blues and some other progressions, which is what made him decide to play the blues – plus, “Not only that… it feels nice.” Then, he jumps into a review of last week’s lesson.

He starts the review by reminding us that the last time we were together, we talked about the minor pentatonic scale. As a reminder, he calls on the Berklee students from last session to sing the minor pentatonic scale song from last week. They sing the “one, flat-three, four, five, flat-seven, one” vocal part while he plays piano, effectively spelling out the scale formula, while ascending the scale, for review. This lasts for about a minute. Then, the Professor says, “And that scale is so significant, because, as I mentioned before, it is probably the most-used scale in all American music history.” The video then ends, making this the quickest review we’ve had up to now.


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