A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

What music is worth, according to the mom of a metalhead…

Wifey’s writing a blog post about mothers in metal. While looking online, she came across this terrible video that she sent to me. Have a look at it:

What Music Worth, According to my Mom.

Now, I know extreme metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but its mine, and I really like his band, Logistic Slaughter. They’re Bay Area death metal/grindcore. Here’s their Facebook page.

But enough of that. What I wanted to bring up is simply this: I’m the father of a 2 1/2 year old, so I don’t know what its like yet to have a kid who listens to music that I just don’t get, and whose activities or apparent lack of activity, from this kid’s mom’s point-of-view, is a key factor in her perception of his lack of contributing to the greater society. I do know this though – music is an expressive endeavor. I have a hard enough time practicing in front of people, and writing this blog is one of the few ways I share any of my thoughts about the subject to the world at large. This kid is obviously passionate about what he does, and he shares his thoughts, feelings and experiences about it with the world via Youtube and through his band (although the band is a different beast, since its a group effort, so his individual voice isn’t necessarily the main thing being expressed). To have someone you care for and who should theoretically be on your side in the world stomp on your preferred mode of creativity and expression must be terrible.

So, basically, what I want to say is, parents: DON’T DO THIS TO YOUR CHILD!

There are better ways to communicate with them. There are more civil ways. What is he learning about people and about family from having interactions like this? I read a little more from him in threads on a guitar forum and it looks like this is pretty much a tame version of a practically daily occurrence. I don’t want to say, “there are worse things that he could be doing.” Its not about that at all. He’s doing something that he loves! He might or might not make a living from it, but its a passion. Its something that gives his life meaning and joy, even if others don’t necessarily understand it. He’s not being a delinquent or even being mildly negative. If that were my kid, I’d be at all of his shows – as much to show support for him as to keep an eye on him and his friends. I think that’s an important part of being in a parent/child relationship – you have to try to be open to their explorations of the world and guide them.

My parents are West Indian. They’re from Trinidad. I was born in NY, in 1975. In a few months, I’m going to be 40, and you know what? They STILL don’t get my music. Its been 20-something years. But, they’ve never attacked me about it like that. Of course, I’ve been working in technology for about that long as well, so the situation is different, but the core is the same: love your kids, even if you don’t always get it.

If he was out there being a menace to others or hurting himself, that would be a different story.

Here’s a link to wife’s post, now that its done and published:


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