A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Ear Training: Major 2nd & Major 3rd

Just a quick update:

So, last night, after thinking about how miserably I’m doing when trying to name the correct interval while testing myself on Major 2nds and Major 3rds, I found a way to drill the sounds into my head during practice. I’m running the Cycle of Fourths and playing each interval (2nd & 3rd) along the Cycle. I think its helping a bit, but its kind of boring as well. For some reason, its just more fun and more pleasant-sounding to run the Cycle with 5ths than it is with 2nds & 3rds. I think I need to get this done though, before moving on to the Perfect 4ths and Perfect 5ths from Lesson 2 of the online Coursera class.

Its interesting to notice that the notes sound a little different to me when I play them faster or when I play them slower and hold the note. What’s useful to me is that I can also start on the 2nd or 3rd and go to the root, so I can hear the sound both forward and backward. I don’t know if the movement is the same though, or if it varied based on direction, like how in the Cycle, moving one way is a 4th and the other is a 5th.


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