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Coursera – DYM Lesson 2 videos (1)

The 1st video for Lesson 2 of Coursera’s Developing Your Musicianship class continues what video 1 started in Lesson 1 by giving students a little more information about other students at Berklee. I think that this is meant to show the diverse backgrounds and breadth of application possible with music education.

1. Berklee Faculty/Student Spotlight: What’s Your Story (3:00)

We look at 5 students and one instructor in the video:

The first appears to be a Hispanic male student whose parents are both art teachers that sang barbershop. His dad was actually directing a woman’s barbershop course that his mother joined when she moved into town. He grew up with a lot of acapella singing, practice and rehearsals in his house. He’s a professional music major.

The second is a black Jamaican girl whose dad was in a reggae band with several of her uncles and gigged a lot. Their name was These United Survivors. She went out with them a lot when they played and it left an impression on the daughter, who thought it was cool to gig in a band and wanted one of her own with a “cool name”. She’s a music business major.

The third is a Jewish male whose dad threw him into piano lessons when he was 3. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it when he was that young, but got involved in playing at his synagogue and at bar mitzvahs and other services and over time wanted to go pro. Feedback from others made him realize that he wanted to pursue music either on a professional level or to sing just for his own happiness. He’s a composition & film scoring dual major and is producer of The Loft Sessions.

The fourth is a white female faculty member (Kris Adams, a professor in the Harmony Department) who started singing when she was 5. She remembers her first time singing to her father, and when they moved at an early age, she went into musical theater when her family moved to Connecticut and toured New England during school breaks. They played every weekend and on school breaks they’d stay out for 2-3 days touring. She loved the experience.

The fifth is a male Chinese student who sang popular English songs since he was 5 or 6 years old phonetically, since he didn’t speak English. He’s a music production and engineering major, and the last is an East Indian girl whose mother put her in music lessons at age 4 at a neighbor’s communal music class. She said that initially, she mostly had fun with friends, but her music teacher started them with foundations and over time she got into it. She’s a contemporary writing and production major.


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