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Memorizing notes on the D-string using the Cycle of Fourths

I have the notes on the first 12 frets of the E and A strings in the Cycle of Fourths down well enough that I can play them without making mistakes often now – unless I use a metronome, then I don’t last too long. I can play them one after another, going from the E string to the A string and then back again. I can also play short patterns starting on them now, like the root-5th or even the minor scale. Starting on the 5th and landing on the root is ok, but sometimes, I still lose my place.

That said, I’m worried that I’m going to fall into the pattern where I play the same thing over and over again without getting better mentally, so I’m moving onto the D string now.

So, just like always, the Cycle of Fourths (starting on C) is spelled like this:

C – F – Bb – Eb – Ab – Db – Gb – B – E – A – D – G – C

Here are the notes in fret numbers for the first half of the D string. As always, its probably better to work out where these notes are for yourself before using the fret positions below to cheat, but its here if needed:

Cycle of 4ths on 1st half of D String (frets 0 – 11)

Cycle of 4ths on 1st half of D String (frets 0 – 11)


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