A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Improvise For Real

Improvise For Real

Improvise For Real

One of the students on the Coursera forum posted a link to Improvise For Real (IFR), this ear training/improvisation method that I’ve never seen before. The reviews on Amazon are pretty good, and the IFR people also have videos up on Youtube.

I need to finish the Coursera course, and I want to go back and complete other stuff that I started but never completed (the Hal Leonard Bass Method and the materials from the IIB), but I think once those are out of the way, I’d consider this. It looks like an interesting approach, and at the very least, looks like it would be great for ear training.

Its available as an ebook on Kindle as well as in print. I’m not sure what the format is – if its only in Kindle format or if its in PDF as well. Here’s a link to it on Amazon. If you use the Look Inside feature, pages 36-38 have an exercise for bass.

Amazon.com – Improvise For Real


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