A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown


Fell off the wagon again. Sorry folks. I keep getting overwhelmed by work and baby stuff, evidenced by my utter lack of both practicing and posting anything since the beginning of May. Its nuts to think about that right now and know that 6 months have passed again.

Anyway, this morning was a little slow with client stuff, because its Columbus Day. So, I grabbed my copy of Ed Friedland’s Building Rock Bass Lines and ran through the warm-up exercise and then the R-5-8 exercise (basically the 1st exercise). I was doing a while back. I’m sloppy all over again.

I also realized that because I was just learning the motions last time, I wasn’t taking the note values into consideration, so this time, its quarter-quarter-half, quarter-quarter-half, all the way up and down the exercise.

Here’s a link to the 1st time I was doing it. The book is really good. I should commit to making it through the whole thing already.


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