A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

If you like music, raise your Left hand (or – cortical localization in left-handed musicians)

So, yesterday, I read this cool article by BlueJay  on her LeftyBassgirl blog. It basically goes over some of the trials that we left-handers have to deal with on a daily basis, especially pertaining to learning and playing music, and had links to resources and articles about being left-handed in a right-handed world.

Well, one of those links was really interesting to me. Its from a medical student named Stan, who writes a blog called Exploratory Encephalotomy – according to his About page, that basically translates as opening up someone’s brain to go looking for something. His blog is a creative and analytical outlet that he uses while trying to not completely lose his individual thought while absorbing the methodologies pushed by the medical board (as someone who designs clinical software for nursing homes, I know what he means – state and federal regulations, clinical standards of practice, facility policies – the list goes on-and-on with rules that you need to abide by, and naturally when it comes to money, they clash – especially the State and the Feds).

Well, here’s his take on some of the more neuro-scientific advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed and playing music. Its a fantastic read, for those of you who are interested in what makes us tick. Also – it allows me to do something that I’ve wanted to for a while, but neglected because I’ve been posting so sporadically for the past 2 years – start a Science/Neuroscience category on the blog! (Yay!)


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