A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Two-Octave Major Scale Pattern

I haven’t gotten to finish the 1st exercise in Bass Aerobics, by Jon Liebman yet, but I can play the first few bars (slowly). Practice has been sporadic, with the insane two weeks that I had – a solid week of onsite client consults to introduce a marketing person from the West Coast to people who have known me for 13 years and didn’t need to see me.

Naturally, we released a significant system enhancement that week, which led to tons of support calls which I didn’t get to as quickly as I usually do and then I got overrun with questions and complaints at each facility. The person I was with had a blast though. I feel like it was a wasted week, and I spent the next week playing catch-up, something I haven’t quite finished yet.

So, anyway, I took a few mins today to clear my head from stress. I kept an eye on the baby while she napped this afternoon, and found an interesting Youtube channel with bass lessons that I’ve never seen before (thanks to Chromecast and my phone). There were two interesting videos about the Circle of 5ths and the Circle of 4ths, which I’ll post about when I have more info on them.

What I wanted to post up, while I have a few mins, is a two-octave pattern for the Major Scale (hence the post title). Its purely mechanical, but its probably nice to just run while warming up:

2-Octave Major Scale (fingering)

2-Octave Major Scale (degrees)

The first image shows a possible fingering using a 4-string bass. The second shows the same pattern using scale degrees, although I didn’t continue with 9ths and so on – I still think of these in terms of root-through-7th degree. When I’m a little more adept, I’ll add in an image that continues the scale degrees. I’ll also plot in the R-W-W-H-W-W-W-H steps so that people using the formula can orient themselves visually.


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