A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Mistakes and Accidents Can Lead to More

Great blog entry about making mistakes and going with them, recovering from them and learning from them.


Mistakes. Everyone makes them. But sometimes they can be a great way to a new discovery or a great start to a useful practice.

Practicing and noticing mistakes
In practice everyone makes mistakes, its going to happen because practice is the one place you can mess up and not have to worry about losing time/money in recordings or being judged upon by a crowd. And without practice you wouldn’t be able to play what you can play.
A very important thing to do during every practice is to identify any mistakes and learn where you’re going wrong and what is making you go wrong. This could be anything like missing a note or playing an extra note. Take a break and find out where this mistake keeps appearing, now list what problems could be causing this mistake and focus your practice time on fixing it before your brain gets used…

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