A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

One More Week

Its almost time, but its been an insane ride. I know I’ve not been online and blogging for a while now. Two life-changing events have dominated the past few months of my time: birth and death.

This coming Tuesday (8/28), I’m going to be a daddy, We’ve built a nursery, had a baby shower, and wifey’s complaining that her belly-button is going to pop. Ella Sophia is almost here.

On the flip-side of this, last week, after several years of mounting the most courageous defense I’ve ever seen, my boss – who was like a 2nd mother to me – has passed from melanoma. I really wish that she could have seen Ella before she passed. She told me, some time ago, that she looked forward to being an aunt again, and this is the first child for both my wife and myself.

So, anyway, enough with the personal updates for now. I might write about each of these a little more in the future, because one hangs very heavily on my heart, and the other is arriving just in time to lift it.

On to bass.

I’ve not practiced in a long time, but I think that anyone who’s been reading this blog knows that. With work on the nursery done, and in an effort to de-stress, I stopped by Guitar Center after our last doctor’s visit with my wife. The last sonogram was really interesting, BTW – she was making faces.

Anyway, I picked up two things, which I’ll also write about more once I’ve gone through them more comprehensively:

Metal Bass, by David Ellefson (of Megadeth) and Jaco Pastorius Bass Method by Ray Peterson.

Jaco Pastorius Bass Method is a book I came across while at Guitar Center. I read through the beginning few pages and the table of contents at the store and really liked the presentation.

After purchase, and while wifey was doing some mother-to-be shopping while I camped out in the car with my new treasures (we were just killing time before she ate) I read through the first several sections and the final thoughts. I really like it. I think that it might be comparable to Bass Guitar Exercises for Dummies, in some regards, but I’ve not sat and compared the two side-by-side yet. That’s something else I’ll do later.

Metal Bass is a DVD that I’ve been eyeing for months. I finally decided to drop some cash for it after seeing snippets on Youtube and really liking how David walks through lessons. I’ve always admired him as a bass player (even though he uses a pick) and look forward to going through the DVDs (there are two).


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