A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Jeff Berlin Bass Lessons on Youtube

Its been a long time since I’ve practiced (again). Looking at my calendar, I see that I haven’t created a new post in 2 months. 😦 We’ve gotten a bit done at the house though, with a new roof and carpetting the upstairs done, right now we’re working on a nursery for the upcoming baby. I think that the main work on that will be done this weekend – we’ve started demo already and this weekend we’ll insulate, redirect air conditioning, put up drywall, paint and do whatever else needs doing to make it a bedroom/nursery. We’re having a baby shower on July 21st.

So, last night, instead of working in the wee hours or vegetating on the computer with Age of Empires II (yeah, I know that dates me) or Magic Online (I was feeling nostalgic and tried it last month, after not playing the card game in 19 years – which made me think about how fast time goes by), I hopped onto Talkbass and read for a bit. That led to my taking 15 mins earlier today to dig out a bass and mess around, but it also led to the main reason for this post: sharing some videos from Jeff Berlin that I discovered via Talkbass.

This is the thread that led me to the videos:

Here are the actual videos in the series. I don’t know what the correct order should be, so what’s below is just the order that I viewed these in:

Chord Practice (Jeff seems to favor practicing chords over scales – he explains why in these videos)

Approach Notes

 Reading & Grooving

  • Getting In the Groove (groove as a representation of life experience and familiarity with the instrument in context with the style of music being played)
  • Learning the Language of Music (a message about learning facts, not philosophies, when learning music)

Song analysis


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