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Hal Galper’s Masterclass – Technique

Somewhere in that Have scales ruined music? thread from TalkBass that I posted about the other day, there was a link to a video by a jazz pianist named Hal Galper. I’m blown away by his knowledge and approach to playing. It applies to more than piano. Here are two videos from a clinic which he held at the University of Colorado in Boulder on April 2, 2010:

Hal Galper’s Master Class – Technique, Part 1
(Technique is in the brain, its not in the hands)

Hal Galper’s Master Class – Technique, Part 2
(Let the melody be your guide)

Apparently, Mr. Galper is a faculty member at Purchase College, which is about 15 minutes from where I live (and across the street from Pepsi Corporation, where I used to work in I/T, about 10 years ago). Wifey had a pivotal experience in her view of life as an artist there as well, at around the same time. He’s also faculty at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music down in the Village, for you New Yorkers.

Here’s a link to Mr. Galper’s homepage. The “Articles” section has a lot of fascinating information that he’s written about many facets of music:

[edit 06.10.13] Here’s something I discovered after watching Hal’s videos again:


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