A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

IIB Week 1 – Monday chat (12/5/11)

So I attended my first Monday chat for IIB tonight. It was a bit underwhelming. Cliff Engel was present. He was the admin of the chat. There were 2 other students with me. One of them is a beginner like I am, and is in the Jazz Bass Lines class. The other has been playing for 6 years and I don’t know what class he was enrolled in. Cliff let us know that he’s working on a sight-reading course which will be made available soon.

Overall, not much happened in the chat. The other students are pretty quiet. I did the most talking, and stayed on after the other two dropped off. The chat is scheduled to go on for an hour. I was on for closer to an hour and 40 mins. During the session, a little about the classes was discussed, but nothing really substantial.

It looks like we basically have the chat time available to speak with other students and Cliff if questions arise about the coursework, but there really weren’t any, and it seems we were taking different courses as well. The beginning was mostly spend with the other guys talking about the basses they’d owned (I piped in with my Ibanez and the two Brices). A lot of the middle was something of a motivational slapping in which I learned that I should really focus on learning the notes on the neck over the next two weeks. I’ll try to do that. I think I’ll combine some of the ways that are highlighted in the course materials and that Hyper Neck Study video from Dale Titus.

As the other guys dropped off, some of the talk turned to lighthearted Team America rhetoric and mistrust of Canada, Mexico and the Mid East. Its definately not what I was expecting, but I didn’t care. I learned a little about Cliff, including that he’s been playing for about 25 years and learned upright as well as electric bass. He’s a jazz fusion fan. I showed him that video of Rhys Nicholas playing Spanish bass. He said that the plucking was an unconventional technique and that it looked like it might have some use for soloing, but not much else, especially in a band environment.

I think that for next week, I should probably have a bunch of questions prepared if I’m going to get anything of worth out of the chat. It wasn’t a bad experience, just not one that was really conducive to learning bass, overall. I don’t know what I should have expected for a first time though, and I’d only read the first 2 documents (partially due to the time spent blogging about the first one). I’ll go through the rest during the week and see if anything interesting comes up.


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