A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

You like Death Metal Music….Really???

Here’s a post from wifey’s blog in which she talks about how cool I am and what a great husband I turned out to be and how she loves to cook and clean for me and give me massages and feed me grapes while fanning me and listening to me talk about bass players and music theory all night.

Ok. Its not like that. I blame women’s lib. But, she does acknowledge that I got her into death metal and jazz fusion. I actually blame Miles Davis for that second one, but nobody’s really nitpicking.

It makes me think of when she and some of the girls from her undergrad ran out to Australia after they’d all graduated and one of them was working as an auditor or something for Ernst & Young. They were in some bar and she asked one of the guys where they could find good Aussie death metal and the guy was all shocked to find this midget Filipina girl asking him about local bands and knowing what he was talking about. (And I think the rest of the girls were all afraid of everyone in that bar.) That was my commandment to her, as it is whenever anyone I know goes abroad: Bring forth to thy overworked and underpaid Master musical fruits from across the land!

She actually found a bunch of cool CDs. And now, she’s writing papers about metal for her graduate studies. My work has gone well. 😉

I actually find it interesting that music anthropology is delving into heavy metal and many of its subgenres now as subjects of study. Sam Dunn is probably the most prominent of these, as he has produced documentaties, written papers and now has an 11-part history of metal running on VH1. We actually just read his paper, Lands of Fire and Ice, a day or two ago, partly as research for some of hers. I can completely see how it evolved into some of his later work.

Is this the face of a closet deathbanger?


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