A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Heirs – Hunter

So, driving home with wifey last night, we were listening to Hellhole, a weekly radio show from WNYU that focuses on death/black/thrash metal, grindcore and some related heavy stuff that airs on Fridays. In an uncharacteristic move from them, towards the end of the show, they played a track from an Australian band called Heirs. Its post-metal, kind of like Isis, but cleaner. Its makes me think of what could happen if a new wave band got dropped headfirst into Neurot Records.

Anyway… its a beautiful, instrumental track. I really dug it. And now, so can anyone who clicks on this link, since I found it on Youtube:

Heirs – Hunter

I don’t know much about this band yet, but what we’re hearing isn’t their first outing. Their bassist’s name is Laura Bradfield.

Progarchives says this about the band:

HEIRS is a experimental/post metal band from Victoria,Australia.HEIRS intitally started as a solo porject in 2006 by drummer Damian Coward.Coward recorded and mixed 4 songs himself.The songs were well received by his peers and Coward expanded the HEIRS line-up with Ian Jackson and Brent Stegeman on guitars and Laura Bradfield on bass.

HEIRS released their debut album “Alchera” in 2009.

HEIRS music is best described by this passage quoted from their Myspace page…”Drawing influence from Michael Gira and his SWANS legacy,the sledgehammer riffs and industrial pummel of GODFLESH,and continuing Stegeman’s incense shrouded low-end incantations from his work with doom dealers WHITEHORSE,HEIRS debut album strips bare the needless excesses of post-rock and heavy metal in favour of something much more concise and affecting.

I’m a huge fan of both Swans and Godflesh. Justin Broadrick is one of my idols. Michael Gira is right up there too. So, their influences point them right at my earholes. Anyhow, until I dig up some info on the band (and bassist) enjoy the above video.

[edit 2/3/2015] The original link no longer works, so here’s a new link to the song via Denovali Records on Youtube:

Heirs – Hunter


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