A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Jeff Berlin Bass Clinic in NYC (11/20/11)

I might not have to head over to the office in Long Island in the morning. If I manage to stay out, I’m going to head down to Guitar Center on 14th Street, in Manhattan. Jeff Berlin is hosting a free clinic at 7 PM.

Jeff is something of a controversial educator in the bass world. A lot of his advice goes against traditional methodology for learning bass. He also writes columns for Bass Player Magazine regularly. I watched his DVD, Principles of Bass, last year and was really impressed. He is the founder of the Players School of Music. Here are a few links with information about him. I’m running off to bed with the hope that I can get myself over to his clinic.

Here’s a video of Jeff at NAMM 2011

MarkBass Presents Jeff Berlins Bass Lesson at NAMM 2011

[edit] I made a sad AND ugly bass face. I didn’t have to go in to the office today. However, as wifey pointed out to me via a quick phone call while I was at Home Depot… Jeff Berlin’s clinic was on September 20th, and I don’t have a Tardis. This is what late night blogging and working 6 days a week will do to a person. Alas… 😦

[more edit] I was going through TalkBass when I had a few free minutes earlier (I still worked from home and today was our nephew’s 13th birthday, so I was obliged to help him eat cake) and learned something interesting… apparently, Jeff Berlin is permanently banned from TalkBass because of his… rather direct manner. He supposedly got into repeated verbal altercations with other members (who might have egged him on) and had his account terminated. I feel sad to hear this, because he really comes across as a knowledgeable person, although I understand that he’s also from Queens, NY. I have a lot of family there. They’re kind of like him, actually, so I’m going to assume that certain (generalized) New York traits don’t go over well on the forums.


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