A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

International Institute of Bassists

I was browsing through some bass-related WordPress blogs yesterday, and I discovered Diary of a Female Bassist. One of the posts was about an online school called the International Institute of Bassists. You can read that post here:

I went to the website that she linked to and found it intriguing. Here are the two main pages that I looked at:

Emily Wallace, the owner of Diary of a Female Bassist, said that she took the Jazz Bass Lines course and that it was packed with information. I looked at the course outlines (there are 3 courses listed) and found that a lot of the first one is composed of stuff that I’m trying to teach myself.

Curious, I went to the TalkBass forums and searched to see if anyone there had anything to say about the school. Here’s what I found:

There are other threads on the forum as well that mention the school for various articles that it hosts (like interviews). Pacman, one of the TB moderators, studied under one of their instructors and praises their lessons. I’m strongly considering enrolling. It looks like there is one class per week, and each course lasts 12 weeks. There are instructions detailing how to upload videos or audio clips of your progress for evaluation purposes, and it looks like many of the classes are conducted via video tutorial.

Classes cost $24.95. That’s a little over $2.00 a week. It sounds like an investment that I can definately make. The requirements section says the following:

You should expect to spend approximately 3-4 hours per week practicing the lesson material from each course that you enroll. More or less practice time may be needed based on your experience level before enrolling in a course. If you can devote a minimum of 30 minutes per day to practicing the material in each course, you should have no problem at all with completing the coursework. An hour of practicing per day would be ideal, but 30 minutes of organized time should be sufficient to cover the material in a thorough fashion.

That’s a realistic amount of time for me to commit to practice. Of course, I’d aim to spend more time, but I can’t reliably predict what work and other surprises will bring. Classes start on December 5th. That’s 3 Mondays from now.

The only point of confusion that I first saw is that the courses themselves call for “The Ability To Read Standard Music Notation Or Tablature” but the general requirements say “Nearly every exercise included in the IIB curriculum has been notated using both standard music notation and tablature so the ability to read standard notation is not required to enroll in any of the IIB’s courses.” Of course, this probably just means that reading notation isn’t a requirement.

[edit 2.12.2015] Here are links to the other IIB posts that I made after attempting the class:


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