A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Linus Klausenitzer (bassist for Noneuclid & Obscura)

With Jeroen Paul Thesseling no longer in Obscura, the band has released a video to introduce their new bass player, Linus Klausenitzer. Linus has played bass for Noneuclid, a German progressive/death metal band and for another German metal band called Fallacy. Jeroen is one of my favorite bass players, so I was sceptical that Obscura would be able to fill his shoes when he left, but after seeing the introductory video and reading a bit about Linus on his website, I think that he’s a good replacement.

Linus studied at the Music College in Regensburg and at conservatory in Hamburg. I actually saw him play earlier this year, when wifey and I caught Obscura playing with Children of Bodom, Devin Townsend and Septic Flesh. His playing was very solid. I actually didn’t realize it wasn’t Jeroen until some time later.

Obscura introducing new bass player

Linus’ Musical Vita on his website states that he collaborated with the Bavarian Chamber Orchestra for the debut performance of Florian Magnus Mauers’ “Altair Passage”, Wagner compositions and new arrangements of Noneuclid songs. He has also played with the Metropole Orchestra in Amsterdam.

Interestingly to me, because of my field – Linus is also a web developer! He studied at the University of Applied Sciences. I’m unfamiliar with that school, but I’m going to assume its in Germany. His skillset includes XHTML, CSS, JavaScrupt, JQuery, XML, Flash (and a bunch of related technologies), Java, PHP, C, C++ and various web/interface design and possibly information architecture skills. If he wasn’t likely touring the world, I’d make him an offer, as by this time next year, I think we’ll need an additional web developer for our electronic medical record.

Linus plays a 6-string, fretless bass (with fret markers painted on) and another 6-string with 4 fretless strings and 2 fretted ones. Both are from Ibanez.

Noneuclid – Murder of the Worlds

Here are links to some of Linus’ bands and his official website:


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