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Vox AmPlug Bass Guitar Headphone Amp

I was on TalkBass the other day and read a thread called Need help with practice from a member who flew down to Mexico for a few months and wanted information as to what could be practiced outside of a band environment while away from home. He bought a new bass while down there, but wasn’t able to get an amp. MalcolmAmos responded to the thread.

Aside from learning scales and chords, he suggested something to help practice without an amp. Its called the Vox AmPlug Bass Guitar Headphone Amp. I’ve never seen one of these before, but the reviews on Amazon are pretty good. Its a small device that plugs directly into the output jack on a bass. Headphones can then be plugged into it so that the user can practice without having to lug around an amp. Additionally, it has another input to plug in an MP3 player (or something similar) to practice with songs. It looks great! 😉

Here’s the post in the thread where MalcolmAmos replied, and a link to the device on Amazon. I ordered one because I have no willpower and I practice at night if I can’t sleep:

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