A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Adam Neely linked to my Ugly blog on his pretty one!

Adam Neely is a bass player and music student from the DC area. He lives in Brooklyn right now, while pursuing a masters degree in music with a concentration in bass. When I first started trying to figure out whether it was better to use my hands or feet with my bass, his videos on ergonomics and his 1-finger-per-fret critique really cleared up a lot of questions for me. There was a point that I watched the same 3 videos every morning while eating breakfast. 😉

Here’s my initial post with his material. This was the 3rd post I’d written for my blog. It was my first day blogging as well. I almost feel a twinkle in my eye.

Anyhow, in the months that I was away from my bass (which I’m still kicking myself for), Adam came across my homely, unkempt blog… and he thinks its insightful! I recommend checking his blog out, if you’re interested in learning about a much higher level of bass practice than what I’m able to offer. It gives readers information about more than just theory and technique. Its essentially a catalogue of his experiences studying at Berklee and playing different circuits. Its an illuminating window into the life of a musician/music student (and teacher).

His Youtube page is also overflowing with information for bass study. Quite a bit of it is over my head, but I do like to visit it to gauge my progress with theory, as the more of what I see him do that I’m able to understand, the more I confirm that in the short time I’ve been practicing, I’ve not been completely adrift.

Here are some links to his materials:

These are the three videos which I referenced a lot when I was examining how to handle my bass:


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