A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Submotion Orchestra – Always

Submotion Orchestra – Always

Submotion Orchestra are a 7-piece dubstep group from Leeds. I’ve only newly discovered them. This is their new single, Always. Its jazzy. Their bassist is Chris Hargreaves. The website says this about him:

Chris Hargreaves, affectionately known as ‘Fatty’, is the group’s perpetual voice of optimism. He has played bass guitar and synth bass with a range of artists, as well as touring extensively throughout the world. Fluent in soul, hip-hop, reggae and dance styles, he’s performed with Andreya Triana (Ninja Tune), Homecut and Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra (First Word), Takura (Chase and Status) and many more.

Astrobeat. I like the sound of that. I have to remember to show that to my wife, considering all the writing she’s done about Fela Kuti recently. This is their website:

[edit 12.01.11] Here’s a link to Chris Hargreaves’ Myspace page:


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