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Atheist – Mother Man

Atheist – Mother Man (Bass and Drums Only) (1991)

Atheist were/are a technical death metal band from Florida. There is a distinct jazz influence in their music and they have been called jazz fusion in the past. They released 3 albums around the beginning of the 1990’s and then disbanded. In 2006, they reformed for touring purposes, which led to their recording of a new album in 2010.

The above video shows the drum and bass tracks from Mother Man. I love the playing on this album. The full version of this song opens their 2nd album, Unquestionable Presence (1991). The drum & bass track can be found on the 2005 re-release.

Tony Choy (Atheist, Cynic, Pestilence) played bass on Unquestionable Presence, but the bass parts were written by Roger Patterson, who was killed in a car crash before the album could be recorded. Patterson’s playing style has been cited as a big influence on Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse.

Here’s the song with full band:

Atheist – Mother Man

[edit 10.25.2011] Here are lyrics:

Mother Man

You say there’s freedom
Within our nature
Well I don’t think you understand
Mother Earth has fallen to Mother Man
The Air, the Sea, the Grass, the Trees,
The nemesis is the major,
Fearless leader Mother Man.

Come on take a look
At what`s become
Of the existence that leads
Or so we think
That’s always a popular phrase
It suits the laws written
By dear Mother Man
Those heavy hands

What man creates man will surely destroy
The rule of thumb
In the mouths of little boys
Earth spins delight
We kill everything in sight
To serve the needs
And all purple skies will bleed

And a bird flies weak
Against polluted skies
Before it dies

And nature becomes illegal
According to rules
Made by fools

Sift through the information
Everlasting hesitation
To reveal all knowing vices
All the compromising prices
Untouched by the law binders
Setting standards to remind us
That the ink has dried
Behind the goal
We wish to achieve is gone


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