A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Practice: 10/17/2011 – Burning out on major scale, so I mixed it up

Its been an insane 2 days. I work 6 days a week, and after tons of business stuff yesterday, I came home and had to edit wifey’s paper for one of her anthropology or ethnology classes. I can’t remember which. It was about nihon buyo, a Japanese dance style related to kabuki. Then, today, I’ve been flooded with client stuff, and still have to edit another paper for the missus – this one is on Fela Kuti & Afrobeat, again. Later on, she’s going to do a comparison of that with Norwegian black metal and relate them to Frantz Fanon‘s 3 stages of native intellectual. I helped her come up with that idea a few weeks ago, so its my own fault… and I’m not even really that into black metal (I’m a big death metal fan though).

So, anyway, while she’s in class, I snuck in some practice time. I did a different warm-up this time around. I think every week, I’ll vary warm-ups now, to keep my hands guessing. Its like my usual one, but only ascending and using different finger permutations. I’ll post it up later.

Once that was done, I was going to do major scale patterns for a bit, but found that my mind was going numb from it. Its probably also related to the volume of editing and client stuff from the past 2 days as well. Someday, I’m going to have weekends again, like the rest of society. Anyhow, I decided to go back and do the natural minor scale (Aeolian) instead. After realizing that my fingers remembered it, I went over minor triads instead… then, out of experimentation, I started mixing major and minor triads and found that it was fun, and I could create some rhythms and patterns that are musical (well, to me anyway)!

Naturally, wifey just called as I’m writing this. I’ll continue later. She’s heading in on the train, so I’m off to grab her from a long day of work and class… and edit her paper, I suppose. Waaaargh!!


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