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Practice: 9/27/2011 – Simple exercise

So, I was reading over the scales and chords (triads) part of Bass Guitar for Dummies earlier, to make sure I understand them properly, and as I was doing it, I went back a few pages as well. There’s an exercise at the end of the preceding chapter that I never did. Its relatively simple. It looks like this:

Simple exercise

I did it a few times with the CD (track 13) and found that the part on the A string is actually a bit quick. I did it for a few minutes so that my fingers were able to keep up and then I turned off the track and did the same exercise, but in that I-IV-V progression that I mentioned last week.

Basically if that 3rd fret on the E string (its a G) was my root note in a major scale, I played that pattern above, then I played the same pattern one string higher (3rd fret on the A string – a C) and finally starting on the 5th fret (so it started on a D note). Together, they look like this:

Pattern 1 (above) – This is the I

Pattern 2 (above) – This is the IV

Pattern 3 (above) – This is the V

So you can take those three patterns and play them in some order like 1-1-2-2-3-2-1 and have, what I believe, is called a chord progression. Oh, and I ended it on the root note again.

Simple exercise (I-IV-V)

[edit] I played through more of the triad examples in Bass for Dummies and did to them what I did to the exercise above (patterns starting on I and then IV and V). The ones in the minor scale/minor triad are really fun. I’ll post them up separately as tab later so that if anyone wants to give them a shot, they can. Grab the book to really get an appreciation for the exercise above and for the ones I’m going to post though, because hearing the CD with the actual rhythm makes a lot of difference. Later on, when I look at PowerTab again, I’ll see if I can put it all up in notation.

[edit 9/28/11] Wifey found the tripod for our camera, so I added videos of the exercises. If these don’t make you feel better about your playing then I don’t know what will. 😉

[edit 11/11/15] Here’s an attempt to use the same riff/pattern using the I, IV and V positions of the major scale starting on G on the E string (3rd fret). The progression is I-I-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-I (that last I is just a single root note).


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