A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Warm Up Exercise


I had a few free minutes earlier, while I waited for a client to get back to me, so I grabbed my bass and got in a few minutes of practice. I did the usual warm-up, up and down the neck, which I’ll continue for at least the remainder of the week. Its basically this:

  1. Start in the first position on the E string (fingers on the 1st-4th frets).
  2. Play [1-2-3-4] forward and then slide up one fret and play [5-4-3-2] backward.
  3. Go up a string and repeat until you’ve moved from the E string to A to D and finally to the G string.
  4. When you get to the G string, do [5-4-3-2] on each string, going back down to the E string.
  5. Then, move up a fret and do it over, all the way up the neck. (So you continue with [2-3-4-5] up and [6-5-4-3] down, move up a fret, and so on.
  6. This will let you hit every note on the fretboard, and is supposed to be a good warm-up to do before moving on to heavier tasks. Since I’m a wimp, I’m stopping when I’m in the 12th position (fingers on the 12th-15th frets).

Afterward, I think I played a I-IV-V progression, which I’ll talk about in another post, because it made this one lengthy and divided the topic.


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