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Practice: 9/20/2011 – Leaning & Standing

Practiced for about 30 mins. tonight. After running exercises up the neck, I tried to figure out Stand By Me, because Jay is learning it. I think I got it. Its mostly on the A and D strings, starting on the 7th fret of the D.

Afterwards, I practiced the major scale pattern a little and while slowing it down, accidentally figured out part of Lean on Me. If I see Jay at the end of the week, I’ll show him the major scale and the part of Lean on Me that I stumbled across. So far, its just the major scale and one additional note.

Here’s something from the internet. When I’m back in the swing of things, I’ll transcribe it into notation:

Stand By Me

I’ll put up tab for the smidgeon of Lean on Me that I figured out later. Be warned, its probably in the wrong key.

[edit 9/21/2011] Here’s tab for the part of Lean on Me that I figured out when practicing the major scale yesterday. Its just for the intro. Everything can be played in one position. At the end, there’s one note that’s outside of the major scale (that 4th fret on the E string at the end).

[edit 11.11.2015] I set up a SoundCloud account. Here’s what the above intro sounds like with no amplification on an electric bass plugged into a PC with a Rocksmith cable:

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