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Shopping with the alien

So, we got back from Bill & Sara’s wedding on Sunday. It was lively. 😉 After all these years, I had my first hangover. I figure its nature’s way of reminding me that I’m less than a month from turning 36.

I learned some cool things about Bill while we were drinking, way up in Geneva. He’s not primarily a metal drummer. Its just that everything he plays turns into metal. His first love is progressive rock. He’s also a big theory-head, and plays guitar… and a little bass. I picked his brain a little up there, and he admitted that he approaches bass from a guitaristic (is that a real word?) vantage. Its all good though.

When we got back, I finally got to take my cousin’s husband out briefly. I feel really bad for him. He’s from Trinidad, where most of my family is from. This is his first time up in New York. His wife (my cousin), her sister and their mother are with him. So is his 2-year old daughter. With the exception of the daughter, they’ve all been here before… and where do they take him? Shopping. Nonstop… 3 weeks of shopping.

So, anyway, I got away from work for long enough to take him out. It turns out that he’s a guitarist back home. He recognized my bass right away when his daughter ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. He also recognized that I’m left-handed. We got to talking. He’s a lefty too. He was in a band in Trinidad that plays things like Bryan Adams covers. That was a big surprise to me, because Trinidad isn’t known for rock. Its the home of the steel drum, soca and calypso. He hasn’t played in a while, but has been itching to get back into music.