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Lesson 2: 04/16/2011 – Ex. 21-23 (E String)

Bad again. I didn’t practice in the last 3 days, and I’m slow to boot. The upside is that I finished editing a bunch of wifey’s stuff for her 2nd masters. She’s applying to both Columbia and Hunter. I did keep up with reading stuff before bed, and with all of the editing finally out of the way I can practice a little. No more 20-page papers to go through all bleary-eyed, after the stuff I do at work!

So, we ran around today, taking care of car stuff, getting rained on, meeting her friend’s new man, seeing a movie and eating. When we got in, I was finally able to carve out 90 mins to practice while she Netflixed “An Education”.

I went through the E String exercises again, with the CD when tracks were available. Then I went through the More Notes on the E String exercises, also with CD. My head is slowly sorting out the F#’s from the Gb’s and G#’s. Having them as letters is one thing. Seeing them as notation is another. Running through the exercises slowly and speaking the notes out loud helps a lot. I’m finding that my hands reach for the right notes but my mouth announces the wrong one. I guess that’s only half as bad as it could be.



The Guido’s Hand Seminar

The Guido’s Hand Seminar.

By Melanie Spiller yet again. The article isn’t as dirty as it sounds. Ever wonder how the music staff came into being? Read this and you’ll know. This woman is very much like a music historian.