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Scale degrees / the bass is tuned in 4ths

Last night, as I lay in bed, something that I’d read clicked and made sense to me. I read somewhere that “the bass is tuned in 4ths“. I never paid attention to it, but as I was falling asleep, I realized that E-A-D-G are all 4ths… and I added a 5th and 6th string to the equation and it still worked!

Let me explain. In those scale pattern posts, I said at some point that as you practice the patterns, count out the notes if you don’t know the note names. Apparently, counting out the number of the note has other uses.

When you play a major or minor scale you can count each note that’s played, starting with the root note (tonic). So, if you play a whole major or minor scale, you’d count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. That 8 is, of course, the root note played again, one octave higher (or lower, if you’re playing top-to-bottom).



Hutch Hutchinson Says the Solidbody uBass Rules

Hutch Hutchinson Says the Solidbody uBass Rules.

Using the PressThis feature for the first time. This uBass looks fantastic. 😉