A beginner bassist's foray into the unknown

Lesson 1: 4/7/2011 – Ex. 16-17 (E String)

I did it. 😉

I did all of the exercises on the E string again, and this time, when I got to Ex 16 & 17, I popped in the CD and, for the first time, played along with it. I only opened the CD packages last night, before writing those last 2 blog entries. Playing with the CD made things work really well.

I warmed up with scale patterns, meaning to do 5 mins, but actually did closer to 15. Then, I grabbed the Hal Leonard book and forced myself to go through the same exercises on the E string again, to make sure I could read each note. That took about 10 mins.

After that, I moved from the note exercises to the “songs”. They’re actually 8-bar exercises with musical accompaniments. The first is called “Little Rock” and the 2nd is called “Kinda Folky“. Playing while reading went by very smoothly with the track playing in the background. Hearing the other instruments makes anticipating the next note easier.

Later today, I’m going to practice again, turn a page, and move on to the lessons with F#/Gb and G#/Ab. Rawr! 😉

I know this won’t seem hard to more experienced players, but this is what I practiced. Bear in mind, the book doesn’t have tablature. That’s a product of Power Tab.

Ex 16: Little Rock

In the book, the 2 parts of the next exercise are the same size. I didn’t realize that it had a 9th bar. I don’t know how to shrink that stuff in Power Tab, and don’t know how visible all this notation stuff will be if I modify the picture. But, the important thing is, I played and read music with the CD!

Ex 17: Kinda Folky


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